Service Provider - Full scope & integrated

Acting as your full scope service provider is the most preferred and integrated business processes model which we offer beside of deep expertise in single modules such as: legal, accounting, tax, finance and compliance. In this construct, we offer all the necessary services that you need as a platform to achieve as efficient as possible the optimum sales of your products here in Iran.

You will also receive professional services in the areas of:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market intelligence
  • Market Researches
  • Business Plan
  • Due Diligence Valuation
  • M&A Consulting


We take the responsibility for you on local GAAP basis: request of official books, booking of your company's accounting vouchers, P&L and Balance Sheet monthly closing, preparation of agreed management reports such as AS vs. IS comparisons, recording of vouchers in official books, closing of the accounts at fiscal year end, preparation or generation of financial statements, credit management, account recevable management and protection of your company in alignment with local compliance and money laundering law.


We provide both national, and international tax advice to a diverse global client-base as well as double taxation laws.

You can count on our (inter)national tax team for advice on tax compliance and tax advisory services. We give specialist advice on mergers & acquisitions, and transfer pricing or setting up a new financial operation overseas.

InCoPars will assist and advise you in a number of other ways. We help you:

  • Determine the most tax efficient way to structure your business,
  • Structure the funding of your overseas business, incorporating local tax laws,
  • Manage an effective tax rate and the timing of your transactions,
  • Provide expatriate tax services.


InCoPars supports you in assessing and managing your financial risks.
We provide you with the sophisticated models that you need to wade through local financial regulations and calculate risks. Ultimately we help you enhance your organization’s performance, ensure sufficient liquidity and even increase profitability.
Our actuarial team has a broad range of skills and experience and will help you with following measures:

  • Credit Management of trade receivables (implementation of score cards as well as individual solutions and credit insurance)
  • Consulting in ECA and private long term financing
  • Consulting in finding best banks securing of trade receivables through letter of credits (export and import)
  • Factoring for export and import business
  • Handling country risk for investments (public and private solutions)
  • Evaluating Forex exposure and supporting hedging.
  • Transferring money to Iran and abroad in compliant ways
  • Define and implement your growth strategy with implications on cash flow
  • Develop your approach to assets/liability management and your allocation of assets
  • Manage all your financial risks
  • Identify and evaluate any company debts/liabilities
  • Train your teams on local financial issues

  • InCoPars gives financial advice and consultancy on business development strategy.
    We participate together with you or on your behalf in meetings that are held with the Iranian authorities.


One of the most intensive administrative works is the Payroll and related Tax and Social Security calculation for local staff and expatriates.
In this regard we can prepare:

    Monthly Payroll
  • Income Tax and Social Security Computation
  • Obtaining SSO Clearance
  • Obtaining Tax Clearance
  • Comparison Reports
  • Payrolls for Expatriates
  • Preparation of the monthly payroll
  • Income Tax and Social Security computation
  • Obtaining SSO Clearance
  • Obtaining Tax clearance


Wherever you are, IT is one of your important needs in your business and we offer below services to achieve it with high quality:

  • IT Infrastructures (Network, Hardware, Data Storage, VoIP,...
  • Hardware and Software SLA (Service Level Agreement, Maintenance,...)
  • Enterprise software consultuing to select the best local or internatiol software vendor


Finding a suitable office and the right service providers in Iran are no easy undertakings. The Office-in-Office concept, offered by us to Foreign companies, provides a reasonable alternative to an own representation office or the establishment of an own subsidiary.
Next to the representation of your company’s interests on-site, setting up a workplace in InCoPars office space, and offering you pragmatic administrative and assistance support from IT to finance. Our Office-in-Office service also enables you convenient access to ministries, authorities and provides the extensive network of contacts, as well as know-how and ample services. We understand this service not as a core service. However to support you during the establishment period this service will create an added value for our clients to concentrate on important business strategy and implementation.

Our ServiceS:

  • Residence Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Required Renewals
  • Exit Visa
  • Several types of Business Visas
  • Tourist and Residence Visas for the family members of expatriates

Services related to office and residential premises:

  • Introduction of best locations and buildings to suit your requirements
  • Evaluation of rental charges and terms and conditions based on market situation
  • Consultation and participation in negotiations with land-lords
  • Calculation of taxes and relating professional advice
  • Composition of bilingual lease agreements, and translation of notary agreements
  • Any legal advice related to lease of premises
  • Financing if required for the ideal premises
  • Miscellaneous Services and Troubleshooting:
    Due to our experiences during the past years, and our knowledge of the local rules and regulations, we are fully prepared and qualified to present our advice and guidance to our clients and create customized and individual solutions when problems, disagreements and doubts occur in any matter related to our clients.

  • 100%


participates together with you or on your behalf
as your trusty in meetings that are held with the Iranian authorities